Dr. Brigid Lenderborg

Dear fellow students,​
I would like to take this opportunity to give you the warmest welcome to Lenderborg Academy, ("LA") where we provide a high-value education!​

Our virtual portal will serve you like a map, for you to explore the wide variety of courses, programs, activities, and services that are available at our virtual online portal.

At Lenderborg Academy we have the tradition of emphasizing a spirit of excellence in our academic programs. ​With collaborative work between board members, staff, and faculty. The academy creates an environment that is friendly and very supportive, in which, the students from all diverse backgrounds come together to explore and learn. 

​ LA is an extraordinary Academy! 

Our distinguished facilitators are not only leaders in their respective fields, but they are also recognized both nationally and internationally, having received many awards. Some of these are for their contributions to the community.

Being part of LA means being part of our community of academics and our family.​ While you continue on this journey of intellectual discovery, please remember that we are here to support you and encourage you at every step of this process.

​Welcome to Lenderborg Academy!

Dr. Brigid Lenderborg

History of Lenderborg Academy


Lenderborg Academy

Dr. Brigid Lenderborg has a been member of Revelation University since it was founded in 2001. 

Dr. Lenderborg received her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Trinity International University in May 2001. She continued her studies at Revelation University where she received her Master of Ministry in Christian & Clinical Counseling in November 2011 and her Doctor in Ministry in Divinity in July 2018. 

In July 2022 Dr. Lenderborg received her Therapeutic Addiction Counselor III,  Certificate Number TAC-III-05-20-6058, and her Certified Advance Alcohol & Drug Councelor Certification, Certificate Number CAADC-05-20-60-58 by the PR Certification Board of Alcohol & Drug Counselors.  IRBO / COSOC provider Number USA 1001PR

Dr. Lenderborg has successfully managed several financial organizations. Her entrepreneurship started soon after her graduation. Dr. Brigid Lenderborg, inaugurated her first business in September 2001, Shelborg Lending Services, Inc., in June 2003 her entrepreneurship continues to expand, and she opened her second venture Shelborg Realty Investment Group, Inc. in 2003. 

Her work and leadership in the community lead Dr. Brigid Lenderborg to be awarded Businesswoman of the year, by the President of the United States George H. W. Bush in 2003. 

Today, Dr. Lenderborg successfully manages her businesses: 
 *Shop Financial Solutions, LLC, 
 *SMARI Properties, LLC. 

As a member and an alumnus of Revelation 3:20 University, and with the vast experience she has acquired over the years she's ready to teach other entrepreneurs the strategy that she has used to become a successful businesswomen. 

LA is not a traditional Academy. LA will be operating under the supervision and regulations of Revelation University. We will be operating a virtual classroom where we offer our classes and a very well-established long-distance education program. 

Our parent school, Revelation University offers programs with degrees in Theology, Divinity, Christian Counseling, Pastoral Ministry, Marriage and Family Therapy, and many other certificates and graduates’ degrees. 

LA's faculty of teachers and personnel are well trained and have experience in different disciplines necessary to help our students achieve their educational goals, as well as supporting the mission and vision of our Academy. Therefore, the Board of Directors, the faculty of teachers, and staff focus their efforts to guide the students to develop their full potential, while the Academy curriculum focuses on developing academic excellence and dedication to the student’s education. 

LA is committed to developing and expanding the education of our students while contributing to the improvement of their secular and spiritual lives, forming people to become assets to our society. 

LA's main office is located in Jacksonville, Florida. Revelation University's main campus is located in Cutler Bay, Florida. In addition, to several satellite campuses in other locations, including, Puerto Rico and New Jersey. 

Lenderborg Academy is powered by Revelation University.