Lenderborg Academy, “LA” prepares students to serve effectively in the community by providing a hands-on education that all students can utilize during and after graduation.

Our Online Academic Classes 

Certificate Programs

  • Credit Knowledge
  • Business Management
  • Real Estate for Investors
  • Marketing 
  • Sales
  • Scaling 

Crypto Currencies Education

  • Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptoassets Introduction to Cryptocurrency Markets Fraud and Manipulation in Cryptocurrency Markets 
  • 4 – hours of CPE [MUST TAKE AND PASS THE EXAM!] 

Academic Excellence

  • Lenderborg Academy is a special and unique place for students. You will develop important academic, work, social, emotional well-being, and self-sufficiency skills that will enable you to be successful in life, on the job, and with your continuing education. 

Business Set Up & Grants Sustainability Strategy

  • Requirements to start a business
  • Extending nonprofits sustainability strategy
  • Social media marketing 
  • Grant-ready information

Lenderborg Academy Administrators of Directors

Dr. Brigid Lenderborg
Dr. Narciso H. Montas
Assitant Principal
Dr. Dorcas Iris de Jesus
Director of Operations
Professor Jacque Leblanc
Curricullum Cordinator

Lenderborg Academy Board of Directors

Mrs. Brenda Ramos
Chief Financial Officer
Mrs. Tanay Colon
Business Coordinator
Mr. Michael Mesidor
Business Coordinator
Mr. Antonio Calzado
Credit Analysis Educator